About the Sabai Rooms Massage Parlour, Sheffield

Voted one of the top Massage Parlours in Sheffield.

Sabai Rooms comes Highly recommended by McCoys National Massage Parlour Guide for the UK.
Open seven days a week with a choice of 3 to 6 girls offering massage services, in specialised rooms, BDSM and Fetishes are cattered for.

Sabai Rooms is located what could be described as one of  the most accessible places in the United Kingdom.
We are situated just 50 yards from Junction 34 on the M1 Motorway

  • CCTV parking
  • Discreet entry into the premises
  • A Bus-stop and Public Telephone are within 20 yards
  • Meadowhall Shopping Centre is just a short walk under the M1 Tinsley Viaduct.

Don’t forget to call the Sabai Rooms Massage Parlour Sheffield 01142 435 255 in advance if you have a favourite girl or want to ensure your fetish will be available during your planned visit.